Residential AC Replacement

Residential AC Replacement

Having access to an experienced team of HVAC professionals in your contact list can be an asset when dealing with the daily upkeep of your home. With Express Tech Air’s residential AC replacement service, you can rest assured that your home is in the best hands. Our team of certified experts are always available and promise to deliver quality services quickly, no matter the issue. Whether it is a residential heating replacement or basic air conditioning maintenance, our ETA membership program’s goal is to provide you with peace-of-mind and all the necessary help that homeowners need.

When the temperatures soar to unbearable levels, having a reliable AC system to keep your home comfortable can be a lifesaver. But when these systems break down you want to get it fixed fast! Not only can a broken air conditioning unit make your house unbearably hot in Virginia's humid summer heat, but it can also pose a health risk, particularly for those with respiratory problems. Our residential AC replacement services offer fast and reliable solutions to broken AC units, so you don’t need to worry about being stuck in the stifling heat of the summer. With our team of experts on hand to help you replace an old or faulty system for an up to date one, you’ll never have to suffer through an uncomfortable summer again!

Express Tech Air will work with you during your residential AC replacement to create a plan that is fully customized for you and your home.  At Express Tech Air we understand that every home has unique cooling needs.

Express Tech Air has been providing Virginia with their residential AC replacement services for over 17 years. Our highly trained technicians can help analyze your home’s energy efficiency, as well as provide a range of HVAC services which are designed to improve air quality and enhance indoor comfort. We understand the importance of proper maintenance and our aim is to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system while also lowering your utility costs. Our dedication to quality customer service has made us one of the most reliable contractors in the area, ensuring that homeowners get the best services available.

Are you unsure what to look for in determining whether your air conditioning system needs to be replaced? Below are some signs for you to look out for:

  • If your system is over 20 years old, it is likely time for a replacement. Not only does technology advance every day, but the cost of repairs for an older system may be more expensive than purchasing a new unit. A new system can offer so much more than an outdated one, such as updated features and better energy efficiency that can ultimately reduce monthly bills. Shopping around for the right system can be time consuming, but in the long run will pay off in lower repair costs and higher longevity. It's important to factor in the total cost of ownership for both options when deciding whether to replace or repair an older system.
  • Is your AC unit making loud, unusual noises, or producing a strange odor? If so, it might be time to reach out for help. Those loud noises could indicate that the machine is struggling to perform its job. The air coming from the vents should be clean, so if you detect any musty or moldy smells, that is an indication something is not working properly and you should get in contact with our team as soon as possible. We're here to help you analyze and fix the issue quickly so that you can enjoy dependable comfort in your home again.
  • If your electricity bills are starting to skyrocket, it may be time to install a new air conditioner. Older AC systems become less efficient with age as they tend to use more energy than efficiency standards allow. Replacing an older air conditioning system could make all the difference; not only will you reduce your energy costs, but you can also enjoy the comfort of a quiet and reliable machine. Not to mention that modern AC systems are known for their advanced technologies in terms of energy, such as intelligent thermostats or variable-speed motors. So, if you’re feeling the pinch of increasing energy bills without having changed your habits, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in a new air conditioner for a cost-effective way to keep cool all year long.
  • Your air conditioning unit works to remove water from the air. If you are experiencing high humidity and high moisture levels, this is a sign your unit is not working properly and could be a sign of a much larger issue.
  • It's normal to expect air conditioning systems to keep the inside temperature comfortable and bearable even in extreme heat. Unfortunately, when the desired cool air isn't coming from vents after your system starts running, it's a sign of something bigger needing attention. Whether it be refrigerant leaks, failing compressors, or unclean filters, figuring out the root problem and getting it fixed is necessary for your system to kick back into action and make the hot weather more tolerable. If it isn't taken care of sooner rather than later you may find yourself suffering through oppressive heat instead of enjoying the chill of AC comfort.

Knowing When you need Residential AC Replacement Services

If your air conditioning unit is making strange noises and your energy bills are increasing, it could be time to consider residential AC replacement services. Air conditioning systems are vital components of modern households and perform crucial functions in hosting a comfortable environment. Having a malfunctioning AC reduces the value of said comfort. An experienced technician can diagnose the issue and provide you with well-informed advice as to what steps should be taken (including whether an AC replacement makes sense for you). Not only would this alleviate the strain on you and your family from hearing disturbing sounds, but it will also help you save money on energy bills. Don’t let your unit suffer any longer – take action nowIf you find your AC unit is no longer producing cool air, don’t despair. There’s a chance the problem could be something simple that is easily fixed. Maybe it just needs regular maintenance, or your thermostat needs to be adjusted. If the problem is more complex - such as blocked air ducts or a clogged drain line - we are here to help diagnose and decide the best solution for you. We can guide you through the process of flushing out drain lines, changing thermostats, and even help you find an AC unit suitable for replacement if needed. Letting us help will ensure you get back to feeling comfortable again in no time!

Trust us with your residential AC replacement needs! At Express Tech Air, we put attention to detail at the forefront of everything we do. Our expert technicians will come to your home and provide you with reliable and prompt service. They will fully inspect, diagnose and explain the best unit for your home. In addition, our flat rate pricing gives you complete transparency, so you know what you are paying for from the start which is sure to beat any competitors' price. We guarantee quality and satisfaction when it comes to all our air conditioning services; let us take care of all of your AC replacement needs today!

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Become a part of our ETA Membership Program for special services that will help you catch problems with your HVAC system before you even know that they exist. This program gets you 20% off of all of your HVAC repairs, priority scheduling so we can help you tackle the problem at hand right away, direct access 24/7 to our emergency HVAC services and seasonal tune-ups to ensure you are ready for the heat before it even arrives.

This program not only helps you save but also allows for us to locate a problem before it even occurs making our residential ac repair process even easier.

We’re proud to have a team of experienced air conditioning technicians experts, that work with all makes and models. We handle everything from the simplest of repairs to the most complex of problems.

Are you looking for residential ac repair services? Give our team a call, we would love to help keep you and your family safe by keeping an eye on your HVAC system.

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