Commercial Air Filtration

What is Commercial Air Filtration

Commercial air filtration is the process of removing airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and toxins from the air through the use of an air filter. This air filter is installed on your furnace or air conditioner and traps these particles before they can be sent through the duct system and into each room of your commercial or industrial space.

There are quite a few benefits that come with commercial air filtration some of which include:

  • Improved HVAC efficiency throughout your entire system: It also helps to reduce equipment downtime, staff sick days and on the job injuries.
  • Helps to filter out 99.9% of airborne particles like dust, pollen, and different types of bacteria.
  • Air filtration helps to decrease maintenance costs and enhance equipment life which also leads to lower energy costs.
  • Will work to filter out 90% of germs and bacteria that cause viruses, keeping your employees healthy.
  • Better employee moral overall: Air filtration helps improve job satisfaction which also results in less hiring and training costs.
  • Helps you meet government regulations.
  • Removes and filters out 50% of odors from chemicals, cleaning products, smells from cooking in the break room and odors radiating from other appliances.

At Express Tech Air, we take commercial air filtration seriously, because we know just how important your health and your employee’s health is. There are two primary options for cleaning the air inside of your workplace: electronic air cleaners and media-based cleaners.

Both offer high-performance removal of significant amounts of dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, and more, and they continue to deliver results season after season with little maintenance, upkeep, or effort. Our team will help to determine which system is best for your company’s individual needs.

Why Commercial Air Filtration is Important

Within the past year, the need for air filtration in commercial buildings has become increasingly apparent in the aftermath of Covid-19. Facility managers and commercial property owners have an increased responsibility to tenants and visitors to maintaining a building that is clean, hygienic, and as disease-controlled as possible.

Way before the Covid-19 outbreak commercial buildings have been exposed to the risk of numerous viruses floating around in the air and clinging on to surfaces. That is because airborne diseases are transmitted through microparticles that can hang in the air for hours. Because of this indoor air quality is crucial, especially in confined spaces where the air is continuously recycled.

In most commercial HVAC systems the ventilation is designed to remove chemical and dust particulates and toxic microorganisms. However, these harmful particles have to be released somewhere. And most of the time the particles will end up stuck in the building’s ductwork and in the air filters, which is why proper commercial air filtration services are key.

A clean and well-maintained air filtration system will work to extract contaminants while also ensuring a much cleaner airflow. During flu season as well as during the pandemic or any other viral outbreak it is important to pay attention to whether or not the air filtration system is old and has collected dirt and sometimes even mold. This is why cleaning and or replacing your filtration should be your main priority to ensure fresh and clean air.

Our team at Express Tech Air can help you with all of your commercial air filtration needs by looking at the condition of the seals and gaskets and ensuring that no by-pass air is able to get through; while also providing reliable solutions that aid in eliminating harmful pathogens from the air.

The key to a clean, healthy, and productive work environment lies fully in your commercial air filtration system. And when it comes to choosing the correct filtration unit for your building there are a few things that you need to consider.

Electronic Commercial Air Filtration Cleaners

These units are most often incorporated into the air ducts of your home. The process of commercial air filtration with this type of filtration system works by producing a high-voltage current that puts an electrical charge on particles as the air passes through. At the other end of the system, there are collector plates that are charged oppositely and collect these unwanted particles like a magnet.

People will often choose an electronic cleaner for their commercial air filtration needs because of its ability to trap smoke particles as well. Electronic filters never have to be replaced, however, the collector plates will have to be cleaned in soapy water every few months.

Electronic air cleaners are the most efficient and easy-to-use systems on the market, but many business owners opt for more affordable, but also highly efficient filter-based systems otherwise known as media-based cleaners when it comes to their commercial air filtration needs.

Media-Based Commercial Air Filtration Cleaners

Media-based commercial air filtration cleaners consist of deeply pleated, paper-like material that is then housed within a metal cabinet. It is placed in the return air duct of your system and as air passes through your HVAC system, the media air filter will then trap these air particles within the filter so they can not enter your workplace area.

Because media filters are compressed and pleated, if stretched out the filter can reach up to 75 square feet. This large area allows the filter to trap particulates without having to be changed frequently and often times this filter will only need to be changed every few years.

When it comes to deciding between the two for your commercial air filtration needs there really is no wrong choice. Both provide you and your employees with peace of mind that the air you are breathing is free of dangerous particles.

Let us Take Care of your Commercial Air Filtration Needs

Proper filtration of the air in your workplace and incoming ventilation air is vital when it comes to removing particulates from the air. The Environmental Protection Agency has even named indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Making commercial air filtration systems all that more vital throughout the workplace.

Enjoy cleaner and fresher air by installing a commercial air filtration system. Our team can easily incorporate an air filtration system into almost every HVAC system. We work with you to find the perfect solution for your business’ air quality needs.

Your employees spend a great deal of time inside of the office, and surprisingly indoor air can be much more polluted than outdoor air. It is because of this, it is important to ensure that the air quality throughout your workplace is pure. By doing this you are not only investing in your company but also in your employees. A healthy environment means fewer sick days which in turn leads to higher productivity levels throughout the workplace. So not only is a commercial air filtration system keeping you and your employees safe, but it is also helping your team to work even more efficiently.

Our team of trained technicians will work with you to determine which filtration is best for you and your commercial space as well as work with you to determine a plan for upkeep. We want you and your employees to feel safe and breathe easy knowing that you are keeping the air around you clean with a commercial air filtration system that is perfect for you.

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