Commercial Air Sterilization

Understanding Commercial Air Sterilization

Have you been finding that your employees seem to be getting sick with seemingly no explanation? Would you be surprised if we told you that your workplace may be the culprit?

In order for you to better understand why your commercial space may be the source of these illnesses, we have to take a look back. During the energy crisis of 1970, buildings that were highly insulated became popular because of their ability to reduce energy costs.

However, within a few years, people began to complain of excessive moisture issues (issues that caused mold and other air pollutants) within their spaces. Because of these issues, indoor air quality became a nationally recognized problem making commercial air sterilization services extremely important for the safety of you and your employees.

There are many advantages to having a commercial air sterilization system, some of which include:

  • Odor Elimination: Strong odors can create a very unpleasant environment in the work place. If odors such as smoke, musty air, smells from the kitchen, or chemicals an air sterilization system is perfect to help clean the air.
  • Helps Prevent Colds and the Flu: Purification systems help to stop the spread of airborne particles helping to prevent the spread of particles that carry illnesses.
  • Better Work Place Productivity: When there are fewer health problems throughout the workplace that means a fewer sick days. When people are healthy they feel more energetic which helps to improve employee’s mood and morale
  • Prevents Mold and Mildew: Air sterilization systems help to improve indoor environments as well as prevents the spread of mold and mildew spores throughout the air.
  • Removes Bacteria: These systems not only remove airborne particles but it also works to reduce the dissemination from different bacteria.

Mold vs. Commercial Air Sterilization

When presented with the correct conditions (excess moisture for example) mold is likely to occur. And the interior of your air ducts and air conditioning systems commonly display the conditions that are perfect for mold growth.

If mold is within your system the results are similar to blowing air over a swamp or through a sewer then into your workplace and lungs. About 60% of Indoor Air Quality problems and allergens are mold related and our commercial air sterilization services work hard to combat the impure air in order to help keep you and your employees safe.

Mold toxins can often produce serious life threatening reactions such as asthma, pneumonitis, and in some severe cases bleeding lung disease. Not only can mold make you sick, but it also can create costly maintenance problems such as dirty coils, loss of heat exchange efficiency, excessive energy use, and dirty drain pans. The best way to combat these threats is through commercial air sterilization practices.

Covid-19 vs. Commercial Air Sterilization

Air sterilization systems are also important when it comes to stopping the spread of Covid-19. In order to best explain how this works, it is important to first understand how the virus spreads. The virus particles are 60-140 nano meters wide but it is extremely unlikely that you will see the particles floating through the air. Instead, the virus will latch on to tiny specks of water and other biological materials to move around and spread.

As more and more people are returning back to the workplace, installing an air sterilization system will help to deactivate the Covid-19 virus. The system produces a UV light that will then trigger a chemical reaction that fuses to the bacteria and changes its structure. Essentially rendering the virus harmless.

It is because of this that commercial air sterilization along with filtration is the best way to capture airborne virus particles. The safety of you and your employees during these unprecedented times is extremely important, and it is important to us too. Air sterilization services help reduced the spread of Covid-19 and help to provide you and your employees with a peace  of mind while in the workplace.

ETA's Commercial Air Sterilization Process

At Express Tech Air our commercial air sterilization services involve UV air purifier systems. These systems use ultraviolet light to sterilize the air that circulates throughout your commercial space’s HVAC systems.

Ultraviolet light has been used for years by the CDC, in hospitals, labs, and even pharmaceutical plants to kill microorganisms so it only makes sense that it is used during your commercial air sterilization services too. This UV light works to attack an organism’s DNA to either destroy it completely or to prevent the organism from reproducing.

UV light air purifiers use ultraviolet light to combat airborne microorganisms such as bateria, mold, and viruses. These systems are designed to use UV lamps that can alter the DNA of different microorganisms and then destroy them. UV light purifiers are typically composed by a combination of forced air systems and another filter. This results in the air purifier and the UV light working together to clean the air.

Some of the worst contaminants you can find are airborne and not only do they include mold but also other bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to your health. By using UV light in our sterilization process we work to kill and sterilize the bacteria so they become harmless for you to breathe and reduce their presence in your air altogether.

Ambient, in door air is forced through the HVAC unit and then ventilated through a chamber with bulbs emitting the UV light. These bulbs are typically placed downstream of a filter in your HVAC system. These commercial air sterilization systems are silent and tend to be invisible to the human eye depending on how it is installed. They are typically odorless and the bulbs may need to be replaced yearly depending on the system it is installed within.

Our commercial air sterilization services help to alleviate respiratory issues, reduce allergy symptoms and slow down the occurrence of various illnesses so that you and your employees can breathe easily. Contact us today for more information about how Express Tech Air can help with your commercial air quality services.

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